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World Social Work Day 2018

World Social Work Day is parallel with 25 Isfand in Persian calendar, only one week before Norooz, Persian New Year celebration.

Iran Association of Social Workers (IASW) has held three independent ceremonies and contributed in some others for the World Day of Social Work Day. IASW also printed Translated Posters and sent it to almost all social organizations throughout  the


Social workers manifesto in Iran

, as a professionally skilled social worker, I promise to set and implement my professional relations on the basis of Social Workers Manifesto and herby acknowledge my deepest consent to and real belief in the followi…

Article (constitution) of the Association 

Name: Iran Social Work Association: this is a non-profit and non-political (specialized – guild or scientific – guild) association that is referred to as “The Association” in this article of association

…..Note: In this Article of

Brief history of social work in Iran

Sattareh Farmanfarmaian who had received her degree in social work from UCLA brought the new policies in Social Work to Iran in 1958 after she was experienced

brought as a social worker and social se

Message of president of the Association for the world social work day

naming days or weeks in national or international levels in special occasions including professions is a convenient opportunity to appreciate that profession’s activists and also present some information …

Performance summary of the Association in social work day

Holding the conference of “social work in disaster” in partnership with 

Holding the conference of “social work in prisons” in partnership with prisons and security a… 



:Members of the Board of Directors of Iran Association of Social workers: