Board of Directors

Members of the Board of Directors of Iran Association of Social workers

Based on the constitution of IRASW, the Board’s members are elected by the general assembly. Duration of the board is 3 years but there is no limitation for the   elected can be candidate and re-elected. Inspector and  substitute inspector are elected every year in the annual general assembly. Inspector can be candidate and re-elected for several times, as well.

:Names and contacts of the current Board’s members (2018- 2021) are listed below.


Seyed Hassan Mousavi Chelak



Personal website:

Dr Hassan Mousavi Chelak, 53, works in governmental sector. He started his job as social worker around 27 years ago and has had positions in different managerial level for many years, mostly in the Welfare Organizations, Ministry of Cooperation, Labor and Social Affairs, the Management and Planning Organization (MPO), Drug Control Headquarter and other policy-making organization.

He as an expert in social harms and social policy, teaches social work in different universities and authored more than 20 books that most of them are reference for social work students.

He is also a member of the executive committee of Asia-Pacific region of IFSW and Ethic Commissionaire of IFSW

He has been president of the Association since 2009 and was re-elected for third time in 2018.




Mohtaram Ramezanloo

Member of the Board

She is an experienced social worker and a retired lecturer of Social Work Department of Roodehen branch of Islamic Azad University. She used to be a socialworker in rehabilitation department of the   Welfare Organization. She came to the Board member as the first substituted following the resignation of Mr Ghorbani. However, she is the charter member  and has been  Board memebr constatntly .from the establishment of the Association



Abbasali Yazdani

Member of the Board and Treasurer


Dr. Abbasali Yazdani, 37, BSW, MSW, and DSW, is a social worker in private and NGO sectors. He has experience of field work for more than 10 years and used to be the co-owner, manager and social worker of three social work clinics.

He has a more than 20 academic articles in different areas of social work such as family, divorce, and marriage, professional ethics, and public spaces. He likes research, writing and field work together and, therefore, beside practical social work, has several book authorship and translation in his CV.

He began his collaboration with the Association from 2012 managing the working group of “social work and informal settlement and It is his second period of presence in the Board.

His current position in the Board is Treasurer.


Hamed Olamaee

Member of the Board and international affairs officer



Hamed Olamaee is an NGO sector social worker with good experience of working with international NGOs. He also worked in the Welfare Organization for a few years. Hamed started his voluntary work in the Association more than  ۶ years ago and has been the officer of international affairs of the Association.

He is a graduated of BSW and got Master’s in Rehabilitation Management from University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences (USWR). Hamed continues holding the position of International Affairs Officer besides being the Board’s Member. Hamed is currently the UN representative of IFSW from Asia-Pacific region.


Seyed Mohammadhosein Javadi

Member of the Board

Email :

Dr Seyed Mohammadhosein Javadi, 45, has a PhD in social work and currently is a middle-ranked manager in the Ministry of Health. He has been working in different governmental organizations as manager. The Welfare Organization and Red-Crescent for instance. He works in the Health Ministry at present alongside being a university professor.

He is the ex-inspector of the Association and was re-elected for second time as the Board’s member.


photo_۲۰۱۷-۰۴-۱۹_۱۳-۲۶-۱۸-222x218Mehdi Sarvi Hampa

Member of the Board

Mehdi Sarvi Hampa, 38, is the professional worker in private sector of social work. He owns a social work clinic and has been working in social work clinics for several years. He is graduated of BSW but continued studying in sociology and at present, he is PhD student of social work in Allameh Tabatabaei University. He loves research and practice of social work.

He is the manager of working group of Research and Education of the Association since 2012 and is the Board’s member for second time.



Amir Moghannibashi Mansoorieh

Member of the Board


Amir Moghannibashi, 33, is the vice president of a nation- wide NGO in the field of addiction. He is PhD student of social work in the USWR and holds BSW and MSW from the same university. He is known as a social work expert in the area of addiction and substance use. He has published a lot of articles in this field in the Persian and international journals.

He was elected as the Board’s member for the first time but was involved with the activities of the Association for several years.

 Gholamali Ghorbani – Resigned

Vice president


 Mr. Gholamali Ghorbani, 45, works in governmental sector. He has got BSW and MSW from Allameh Tabatabaee University of Iran. He has experience of working in social work clinic as well.

He also teaches social work in the University of Applied Science and Technology and authored some books in addiction.

He resigned a year after the election and Ms. Ramezanloo has come to the Board instead.


علی صادقی
Ali Sadeghi

Substitute member



Hayedeh Behboudi



Ms. Hayedeh Behboudi, has been working in the field of exceptional educational area for a long time. She is employed in a governmental Organization related to special education.

Her background is social work and now is PhD student in Social Problem Studies. She used to be a member of Board for several times in the past and has the longest history of collaboration with the Association among all the members.

She teaches in the University of Applied Science and Technology.


Mandana Javaheri

Substitute inspector